Idaho murders Updates: Idaho Murder weapon may be caused injury to the attacker

At the report of the Idaho murder updates, the weapon is may have injured the 4 Idaho University, student murderers.

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Idaho Murders Updates: there is new information and potential leads coming from the Idaho murder mystery, by the Moscow Police.

4 student murders in the University of Idaho news are now entered 4 weeks after but there is still no clue, no motive, no suspect, and no murder weapon.

The murder is now becoming a mystery of the Idaho homicide. Still, now the Moscow police say they are geeing investigating.

1 day before the Moscow police has to get a new clause which is video footage found from a gas station which is located in Moscow of the ½ miles from the murder crime sense.

After investing the video footage by the forensic department they found a white Hyundai Elantra car passing from the gas station at high speed. 

The doubt is becoming clear because 2 weeks back they had sized 5 victim cars from the crime sense of the murdered student at the Idaho university.  

At that time also the Moscow police told they have looking for a new white car whose model is between 2011-13.

Coming back from another recent clue Moscow police said that an Idaho Murder weapon may be caused injury to the attacker”.

Getting in more details: According to Moscow police reports which are told in Fox news digital, they looking for a fixed blade, which has a Ka-Bar-style knife that is having a connection to the brutal killings of four University of Idaho students. 

Police suspect the University of Idaho murderer was “proud” of the “brutal weapon”

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Since the beginning of the investigation of the four University of Idaho students’ murders, on November 13 4 students were killed by a sharp weapon which is considered a knife by the expert. 

The Moscow Building Supply store manager told The Idaho Statesman earlier this month that police had inquired as to whether the establishment sold Ka-Bar knives. They are not available in the store.

The type of knife used in the crime, according to Jonathan Gilliam, a former FBI special agent and law enforcement official, provides insight into how the assault might have developed.

According to the former FBI special agent and law enforcement, (expert), the types of knives used in this crime, that is very sharp.

According to the former U.S. Navy SEAL, Gilliam,  he claimed that the knife’s tip is prone to breaking off. that cuts made with Ka-Bar knives are typically made with thrusting motions as opposed to smoother motions.

A thrust is a lot more of a physical activity, he continued. You will become more exhausted the more you do that, therefore.

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