Bryan Kohberger Show How He Brutally Murdered 4 Idaho Students

Bryan Kohberger Tells How He Brutally Murdered 4 Idaho Students

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According to a source, slain University of Idaho student Xana Kernodle fought back against suspected killer Bryan Kohberger, receiving visible defensive wounds on her hands.

“When the attacker came upon her, Xana Kernodle put up a tremendous battle, repeatedly snatching the attacker’s knife, so much so that she incurred significant wounds to her fingers and her fingers were nearly severed,” sources close to the probe told News Nation Thursday.

According to reports, Kernodle was the last of four students slain on Nov. 13 at an off-campus residence in Moscow.

Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, childhood best friends who were sleeping in the same bed, were slain first, according to sources.

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Idaho Murders Bryan Kohberger'S Public Defender Claims She Never Met Victim Xana Kernodle'S Mother
Idaho Murders Bryan Kohberger’s public defender claims she never met victim Xana Kernodle’s mother

According to the investigation, the commotion may have alerted Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, who were on the second level, to the intruder.

According to reports, Ethan looked to have stepped partially into the corridor where the second-floor attack may have began.

According to the accounts, Chapin was slashed in the neck and died in the doorway of Kernodle’s chamber.

Kohberger allegedly turned his attention to Kernodle, who battled till the final end.

The new information corroborates claims made by father Jeffrey Kernodle immediately after the murders.


“Bruises from the knife. She’s a hardyoung lady. “She could do whatever she wanted,” he claimed in November.

Two other housemates were there but were not targeted in the vicious attack. Dylan Mortensen, one of the women, told detectives she saw a man with “bushy eyebrows” — a distinguishing feature that helped authorities identify him — before he went out the door.

Despite a court-ordered gag order prohibiting anybody engaged in the case from communicating to the media or the public, the investigative sources revealed the unique facts.

In the wake of a widely publicized and sensationalized story, a court imposed the injunction in January to preserve Kohberger’s right to a fair trial.

The Goncalves family, who have been vocal since their daughter’s murder, filed an appeal against the decision on Friday, claiming that it is “facially overbroad and unclear.”

According to the petition acquired by Fox News, the family contended that they should not be bound by the decision since they are not parties in the action against Kohberger.

Three University of Idaho students claimed they routinely observed Kohberger wandering around the Moscow campus on Friday. He was described as a frightening loner with a propensity for gazing.

“If you caught him gazing, he wouldn’t look away. “It’s as if he wanted you to realize that he was staring at you,” one student observed.

“He didn’t grin, nodded, or say anything. “I just stood there staring.”

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