Alex Murdaugh moved to SC maximum security, officials say

According to authorities, Alex Murdaugh has been transferred to SC's highest security.

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According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Alex Murdaugh has been transferred to the statewide safe custody section of a South Carolina highest security jail.

According to officials, the SCDC’s Protective Custody Review Board convened on Thursday and suggested Murdaugh be placed in statewide protective custody.

According to authorities, inmates in this section have safety worries and are put in a specialty unit to isolate them from the general populace.

This facility presently houses 28 prisoners, according to authorities.

According to authorities, Murdaugh will be housed in a solitary eight-by-10 compartment with a cot, kitchen, and bathroom, and will be granted all of the same benefits as other inmates.

According to officials, this address is not being revealed for protection and security purposes.

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