See How Customers Revealed Murdaugh Auction Items on the Internet

Customers from the Murdaugh auction have disclosed what they bought, including an unsettling mask one said he planned to use as a supernatural "trigger item," according to

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Customers have displayed their new “eerie” goods in the weeks after large crowds rushed to a Georgia auction house to buy items held by the scandal-hit Murdaugh family. 

After Alex Murdaugh was given two life sentences for the murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul, morbid curiosity led people from all around to buy a piece of their own “murderabilia,” with things being up for auction for as much as $36,000. 

Item From The Murdaugh Auction

And although many of the items were sold at a significant markup because of their infamous previous owner, paranormal researcher Patrick Welsh Jr. managed to get a scary mask for $45. 

The director of the Georgia-based Paranormal Society of Savannah said that he was forced to attend the auction because he is “always looking for paranormal artifacts.” 

The 50-year-old also revealed to that he bought the “eerie” wooden oriental-style mask after looking through a family member’s belongings in an effort to “speak to anyone that would like to speak to us” from beyond the dead. 

See How People Are Curious About the Alex Murdaugh Family Items

The Murdaugh family’s enormous South Carolina home was bought by James Ayer and Jeffrey Godley, who on March 23 auctioned off hundreds of things, including the mask. 

The 1,700-acre murder palace was purchased for $2.6 million a year after it had been first marketed for $3.9 million by the purchasers, who then decided to empty the house and sell its contents. 

The Murdaugh Family Hunting Lodge, Where Alex Murdered His Wife Maggie And Son Paul, Has Been Sold For $3.9 Million
The Murdaugh Family Hunting Lodge, where Alex murdered his wife Maggie and son Paul, has been sold for $3.9 million

According to Fox Carolina, the money raised from the auction was sent to Buster Murdaugh, Palmetto State Bank, Alex Murdaugh’s unpaid legal bills, and the victims of the tragic boat tragedy from 2019.

Welsh’s mask was among the items that were given a new home. It will now hang in the society’s “Haunted Grounds” café and museum along with a notice mentioning its previous location within Alex Murdaugh’s hunting lodge. 

Patrick Welsh Jr Said He Planned On Using A Wooden Oriental Mask From Murdaugh'S Hunting Lodge
Patrick Welsh Jr said he planned on using a wooden oriental mask from Murdaugh’s hunting lodge
An Oriental-Style Wooden Mask Formerly Hung In The Murdaugh Family'S Hunting Lodge Will Be Used As A 'Trigger Object' For 'Paranormal' Seances
An oriental-style wooden mask formerly hung in the Murdaugh family’s hunting lodge will be used as a ‘trigger object’ for ‘paranormal’ seances

The paranormal enthusiast, who is ready to add to the more than 200 seances he has held over the years to communicate with the dead, stated, “We plan on using it for an investigation.” 

We’ll check to see if we can utilize it to detect anything. 

Welsh said that the furnishings of the hunting lodge may be utilized as a “trigger object,” a thing that paranormal believers use to tap into its evil energy. 

The 50-year-old continued by stating that there was a “weird feeling” emanating from the auction hall and that persons looking through their belongings while lounging on family couches had a “bad energy.” 

The 'Alibi Couch' And Maggie'S Bike Are Among The Murdaugh Auction Goods
The ‘alibi couch’ and Maggie’s bike are among the Murdaugh auction goods

It was insane, he said further. Over 1,000 people were inside, and due to the tables of goods, everyone was piled on top of one another. It was really hot and crowded. 

Welsh said that a bidder somehow purchased one of the couches for a staggering $36,000 after seeing the ‘strange’ occurrences of guests sitting on the seats. 

Shelby Also Offered To Return A Nightstand She Bought From The Murdaugh Auction, Which Was Surprisingly Still Filled With Items Including Lottery Tickets And Bullet Shell Casings
Shelby also offered to return a nightstand she bought from the Murdaugh auction, which was surprisingly still filled with items including lottery tickets and bullet shell casings

Another person who purchased something from the unsettling auction said that he intended to exhibit his buy in order to attract customers from all around America. 

Erin Craig told that he spent a lot of money on a bike that belonged to Maggie Murdaugh and that he intends to place it on his storefront because “it will serve its purpose best where people can look at it instead of it going to someone’s backyard,” he said.

Craig stated that he spent almost $3,000 buying a number of objects from the Murdaugh auction, including an American flag, some glasses with the monogram of Richard Alexander Murdaugh, and a wallet from Paul Murdaugh.

Shelby Freeman, 28, was one of the many people who flocked to the Georgia auction house and said she got “carried away” after seeing high-quality things being offered at a discount. 

But when she arrived home with a load of Murdaugh family heirlooms, she instantly regretted her shopping binge and thought the things “didn’t belong” to her. 

Freeman gave one of the items—a $25 white visor that belonged to killed Paul Murdaugh—to her son Buster in the hopes that it would help him “find peace,” as she told 

Notably, the visor was seen to the jury during the high-profile murder trial of Alex Murdaugh when the defense team of the disgraced legal dynasty showed a video of the Murdaugh family celebrating Alex’s birthday when Paul was wearing the hat. 

She continued by saying that she also spent little less than $500 on Christmas decorations and a nightstand that had bullets, lottery tickets, and beer koozies that were personalized with the names of her loved ones. 

She claims Buster, 28, had not yet reacted to her offer to return them.

After winning a camera from the Murdaugh family, another bidder discovered the astonishing discovery of treasure trove of previously unpublished pictures of the family. 

Dawn Martin Stumbled Across A Treasure Trove Of Murdaugh Family Photographs After Purchasing A Camera At The Auction
Dawn Martin stumbled across a treasure trove of Murdaugh family photographs after purchasing a camera at the auction

Dawn Martin, of Savannah, Georgia, claimed to have “followed the case very closely,” but she only went to the auction just out of curiosity after learning that it was going on nearby. 

After learning that the camera still had SIM cards inside, she realized that her impetuous journey had produced a gallery of family pictures. 

‘Alex with his arm around driving the boat, photographs of Paul holding up deer, pigs that he supposedly had shot, pictures of holidays,’ Martin told WTOC of the dramatic images. 

A Poem Bought By Auction Attendee Ryan Tramel And His Wife Krista Was Previously Hung In The Murdaugh Estate
A poem bought by auction attendee Ryan Tramel and his wife Krista was previously hung in the Murdaugh estate

I’ll say it has altered me, she continued. I can’t turn it away. I never dreamed that I would possess the items and conceal a peek into their personal lives. 

The Georgian Said She Decided To Share A Few Of The Images After Looking At The Photographs Of Maggie Murdaugh, Who She Feels Was A 'Forgotten Victim' Of The Episode
The Georgian said she decided to share a few of the images after looking at the photographs of Maggie Murdaugh, who she feels was a ‘forgotten victim’ of the episode

The Georgia lady maintained that after seeing the portrayals of Maggie, she only made the decision to publish a couple of the outstanding photos. 

“She was the story’s forgotten victim, and I feel honored that I saw them,” said the speaker. However, just as in the story, we are aware of the outcome. So it’s quite strange for me. 

Others who attended the auction posted pictures of their purchases on social media, including Blaine Bradley, who made an unexpected finding after purchasing Alex Murdaugh’s hunting vest. 

Bradley revealed his purchase on TikTok, explaining that he did it merely to preserve the preservation of “a part of history, in remembrance of the family.”

Blaine Bradley shared his purchases on TikTok, which included the Murdaugh family bible for $5 and Alex’s hunting vest, which still contained Kodak dipping tobacco

He searched the hunting vest till he came upon a can of Kodak dipping tobacco that had never been opened. The realtor also said that he would be donating some of his purchases to a local crime museum. 

I believe that this is a crucial aspect of criminal history that people will want to review, he added. 

Ryan Tramel and his wife Krista, who posted online that they had bought a framed poem from the Moselle farm, joined him in his bids for Murdaugh artifacts. 

On March 23, when the sale began, potential bidders looked through a range of old belongings inside the auction room, where long tables were piled high with items including deer antlers, mounted turtle shells, ornamental dishes, and figures from a Christmas nativity scene.

A Yeti tumbler cost $400, lamps with turtle shell decals cost $800, and mounted long horns with a whopping $10,000 price tag were among the pricier things for sale.

An animal trap was the first thing to be auctioned off and sold for $500. Later, a pair of rocking chairs were up for sale and brought in $850. Finally, a sofa from the family house brought in $30,000 after a heated bidding battle.

Alex Murdaugh Family Property Moselle Tour

The inventory included several pairs of hunting boots in addition to Murdaugh’s own camouflaged shirt and a hat with a baseball cap displaying the logo of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

A hunting crossbow, rifle sights, and what seemed to be a case for a rifle or shotgun were also up for sale in addition to boxes of unused rifle ammunition and shotgun shells.

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