Dua Lipa Slams ‘Israeli Genocide’ in Gaza, Demands Action!

Dua Lipa calls out 'Israeli genocide' in Gaza after Rafah slaughter. The singer urges global support for Palestinians amid escalating conflict.

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Dua Lipa on ‘Israeli genocide’: Due to Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza, British artist Dua Lipa has urged unity with the Palestinian people.

She said on her Instagram page that “burning children alive can never be justified,” alluding to the hundreds of Palestinians murdered by an Israeli attack on a displacement camp in Rafah, southern Gaza, over the weekend.

“To halt the Israeli slaughter, people all around the globe are organizing. Please express your support for Gaza,” she stated.

On Sunday, Israel attacked a tent camp that was sheltering Palestinian refugees in the Tel al-Sultan neighborhood of western Rafah, resulting in at least 45 deaths and many injuries, the most of which were sustained by women and children.

According to Middle East Eye, Hamas informed mediators that it was quitting the truce negotiations intended to put an end to the conflict in Gaza as a result of that hit.

France and other important US allies denounced the bombardment, which caused a big fire that destroyed the tents of the displaced. The strike “outraged” French President Emmanuel Macron, he said. Josep Borrel, the head of EU foreign policy, denounced the strike in “the strongest terms.”

In January, Lipa had before demanded a cease-fire in Gaza. The singer’s parents are from Kosovo; they relocated there when their nation gained independence in 2008. The singer was born in London.

She has said that her upbringing has shaped her opinions on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

“From my experience of being in Kosovo and understanding what war does, no one really wants to leave their home,” she wrote back in January.

“They do it for a better life, for safety, to save their family, to take care of those around them, and for other similar reasons. Thus, I sense that it is near.

The International Court of Justice declared on Tuesday that Mexico has supported South Africa’s genocide lawsuit against Israel by filing a statement of intervention.

With this action, Mexico joins an increasing number of nations that charge Israel with breaking the 1948 Genocide Convention of the United Nations.

Libya and Columbia have also stated their desire to join the lawsuit since January. Other nations, including Egypt and Turkey, have declared their intention to participate.

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