O.J. Simpson Intervenes in the Alex Murdaugh Case, Causing Internet Uproar

"People keep asking me about my thoughts on the Alex Murdaugh trial," O.J. Simpson said on Twitter, only hours before Alex Murdaugh was convicted guilty of killing his wife and kid.

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O.J. Simpson oddly likened the Alex Murdaugh murder case to his own, providing erroneous insight into a potential judgment only hours before a jury convicted the South Carolina legal scion of murdering his wife and kid.

Simpson incorrectly predicted on Thursday afternoon that there was enough “reasonable doubt” for Murdaugh to escape a guilty conviction in the brutal 2021 slayings of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh, who were fatally shot at the family’s hunting estate.

“I don’t know why they believe I’m an expert,” Simpson, a past murder suspect himself, said in the nearly three-minute video to Twitter followers while smiling.

The popular video, which has at least 6.6 million views, was captioned, “People keep asking me what I think about the Alex Murdaugh trial.”

“I’m not equipped to determine whether the man did it or if you did it,” Simpson continued.

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The 75-year-old former Football great confessed he assumed Murdaugh was guilty, but he also believed there was enough “reasonable doubt” in the case for a jury not to convict.

Simpson alluded to his own 1995 blockbuster murder trial, in which the jury found him not guilty in the fatal stabbings of ex-wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman.

“But, based on what I’ve seen, do I believe he did it? “Yeah,” Simpson confirmed. “Yet, more probable equates reasonable doubt.”

Simpson’s video created an internet meme frenzy, with many users pointing out the irony — and apparent lack of self-awareness — in his legal explanation.

“I can’t think of anybody who would understand Alex Murdaugh better than him,” said Dan Abrams, a legal expert and television presenter.

“This is a scary performance piece of dark art that closes in on itself that I found extremely unpleasant towards the end,” actor Kiersten Warren said. “Here is where the slithering snake’s hot slap dwells.”

Simpson speculated that allowing Murdaugh, who eventually acknowledged to lying about his whereabouts the night of the killings and swindling several customers, to testify was a fatal error. Simpson refused to testify in his own murder trial.

“I saw him take the stand when the trial initially began and I felt it was definitely a mistake since the man is an avowed liar,” Simpson said. “And it’s difficult for me to believe he could stay on the stand for 5, 6, 7, or 8 days without lying. Of course, what was he lying about? Yet lying and stealing money is not the same as murder.”

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After Murdaugh’s conviction on Thursday afternoon, Simpson resorted to Twitter once again, this time with a video labeled “Down goes Murdaugh,” in which he curiously links the South Carolina murder case to his own. Simpson relies on his personal experiences as a murder suspect in the one-minute and 48-second film.

“The jurors must have noticed that the man is a liar,” he remarked. “You can’t trust anything a person says once he’s a liar.”

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