Idaho Murders Update About the Suspect: New Revelations Case Continues

The University Of Idaho Murders Update: Investigation of the Suspect’s Behavior and the Newest Revelations as Case Continues

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Idaho Murders Update: Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were all killed in a quadruple homicide three months ago. As the suspected killer, Bryan Kohberger remains in jail awaiting his preliminary hearing on June 26, more details about the case continue to emerge, including details about Kohberger’s disturbing and concerning behavior leading up to the killings, new potential evidence against him, and even an answer to a burning question involving one of the survivors and why she did not report the crime until the next day. 

Here are some shocking details about the Idaho killings.

Bryan Kohberger Had an “Altercation” with His Professor Early in the School Year

According to a new New York Times investigation, Kohberger began having problems at Washington State University, where he was studying for his Ph.D., shortly after the academic year began. In reality, according to a termination letter acquired by the journal, he had an “altercation” with John Snyder, the W.S.U. professor, he was aiding, on Sept. 23.

Bryan Kohberger Was A Professor At WSU Before The Idaho Murders

Department authorities met with him on November 2nd, 11 days before the killings, to discuss an improvement plan. On December 9, after the deaths, he had a second “altercation” with the professor.

Bryan Kohberger Was Accused of Making Female Students Feel “Uncomfortable”

Kohberger reportedly made several female students feel uneasy in the weeks preceding up to the killings. According to The New York Times, his conduct was reported to professors. 

According to two reports, one of the incidences had him following a woman to her car. The school, however, found him not guilty of any misconduct regarding the woman.

Bryan Was Terminated From His TA Job Prior to His Arrest

According to the termination notice acquired by the Times, Kohberger was fired as a teaching assistant, his compensation was slashed, and he “had not made progress regarding professionalism.” 

According to three sources, he received an official letter saying that he had failed to satisfy the requirements necessary to keep his financing under the programme.

One of the Survivors Reportedly Mistook Bryan Kohberger as a Party Guest

According to an exclusive source, one of the surviving witnesses, identified as DM in the affidavit, believed the guy she saw in the corridor was a party participant. 

According to the source, who claims to have talked directly with DM, she shouted about the noises she heard during the deaths because she mistook them for late-night partying. She said she initially heard sounds at 4 a.m. She shouted as she opened her door, “slow down, you’re being noisy!” and “I’m trying to sleep!”

Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger Discredited For Party House Noise Complaints

According to the source, she then shut and locked her door. She opened the door again later in the night after hearing additional loud noises.

She wasn’t scared when she saw the man with “bushy eyebrows” going down the corridor. “She imagined he was there as a guest of the other housemates who were partying,” a source told NewsNation.

Those who knew him have spoken out about him, disclosing terrifying facts to the press, and even those who only saw him about campus or town have given their tales, providing some insight into what he was like as a person. Here are the most disturbing new developments in the Idaho murder investigation.

According To Source: Kohberger Was Lingering Around the University Studen Union

Kohberger had been hanging around at the University of Idaho student union for weeks, according to three different sources. 

A sophomore told People magazine that she spotted him sipping water alone in the Student Union’s food court. “He was the sort to fix his gaze on something. 

If you caught him gazing, he wouldn’t look away. He seemed to want you to realise that he was staring at you “Chelsea, the girl who identified herself, told the magazine.

“He didn’t even grin, nod, or say anything. I just stared “She stated. “I instructed my companion not to be suspicious, but to gaze at him, because the eye contact was bothering me.”

 “It was so strange that we ended up leaving and eating outside because we wanted to get away from him,” Chelsea continued.

Bryan Allegedly Harrassed Women at Bars

According to the proprietor of Pennsylvania’s Seven Sirens Brewing Company, Kohberger sat alone at the bar “observing and watching” guests, and he even harassed women. Employees even made a note of him in the business system.

 “‘Hey, this man makes strange comments, keep an eye on him,’ said staff. He’ll have two or three drinks and then become a bit too relaxed “Jordan Serulneck, the 34-year-old owner, explained.

Victim Kernodle Reportedly Faught Back

According to sources, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen were murdered first, followed by Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle on the second story. 

They further stated that Chapin was assassinated in the doorway of Kernodle’s room and that Kernodle fought back. They allege she seized the suspect’s knife, causing serious scratches to her fingers.

Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger, Returned To Crime Scene

Bryan Kohberger Applied for an Internship with the Police

Kohberger applied for an internship in the fall of 2022, according to Pullman police. He authored an article stating he intended to aid “rural law enforcement organisations with how to properly gather and evaluate technical data in public safety operations,” according to court filings.

Police Have ‘No Record’ Of Whether Bryan Kohberger Was Offered An Internship Position

The Suspect  DMs Several Times to the two girl victim

According to a People magazine investigation, an Instagram account thought to belong to Kohberger began sending messages to one of the victims in late October, but she never answered. 

Idaho 4 Student Killer Bryan Kohberger Followed All Three Female Idaho Victims On Instagram

“He slid into one of the girls’ direct messages multiple times, but she didn’t answer,” an unnamed insider stated.

“Essentially, he was simply saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But he did it again and over again.” They went on to say: “She might not have noticed them since they were buried under message requests. 

We’re still trying to figure out how much the victims knew about him.” The insider noted that there was “no sign that he was growing upset with her lack of reaction,” but “he was obviously persistent.”

The DNA result of the suspect Was Out in the World

An unnamed source told the Idaho Statesman that Kohberger had donated his DNA for genetic testing, according to a Washington State University graduate student residing in his apartment complex. 

“He talked about his forefathers,” the neighbour, 30, added. “He had some type of DNA test. I’m not sure how he got to that position. It was simply intriguing to him.”

Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger Sent DNA For Genetic Testing

A “Reddish-Brown” stain was discovered in Kohberger’s apartment by police.

The search warrant was unsealed this week, with investigators stating that they believed the evidence was in Kohberger’s apartment, which included “blood, or other bodily fluid, or human tissue or skin cells” or items with blood or fluid on them, stabbing weapons (including a “sword”), and “trace evidence” such as DNA and “hair (whether human or animal/dog).”

Many things were seized, including a black nitrite-type glove, a vacuum cleaner dust canister, 13 potential hair strands – one of which may belong to an animal, a “Fire TV” stick, a pillow with a “reddish/brownish stain,” and a computer tower.

Kohberger allegedly had “grandiose delusions” and “crazy thoughts.”

According to the New York Times, Kohberger allegedly posted on an internet message board when he was younger, certain he had visual snow syndrome, an illness that causes people to perceive static. 

He allegedly blogged under the alias “exarr” between November 6, 2009, and February 20, 2012. Kohberger reportedly posted 118 postings on the forum as a youngster under the moniker “exarr.”

“I’ve been suffering with VS [visual snow] since September 21st, 2009. Since then, I’ve changed, owing mostly to my anxiousness, sense of derealization, and hopelessness “He allegedly wrote in January of 2011. 

“I’ve become quite serious and focused on my ambitions. It improved my intelligence “In April 2011, he spoke about the advantages of visual snow syndrome.

Bryan Acted Alone In Court

Duncan Levin, a former deputy district attorney in the Manhattan DA’s office and an attorney at Levin&Associates, shot off reports that Kohberger had a criminal partner named after his attorney. 

Ann Taylor, according to Levin, filed a discovery request in the case, requesting that the judge order the prosecution to turn over all information in the case within 14 days, including “statements of co-defendant.

“Any written or recorded statements by a co-defendant, as well as the substance of any relevant oral statement made by a co-defendant, whether before or after arrest in response to interrogation by any person known by the codefendant to be a peace officer or agent of the prosecuting attorney, or which are otherwise relevant to the offence charged,” according to the filing. According to Levin, this was merely a process. 

“These are just pretty normal demands as part of the discovery request from the defence,” he told The Independent.

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