NFL Buffalo Bills Player Damar Hamlin is suffering from a Death

The NFL team Buffalo bills Player Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed during the game because of Commotio Cordis (one Type of heart attack).

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Damar Hamlin has been collapsed suddenly During the Monday night game of the NFL Week 17 Buffalo Bills Vs Cincinnati Bengals.

Bill’s defensive back player Damar Hamlin is passing the ball and collided with the wider receiver Tee Higgins, and at that time Hamlin is suddenly collapsed. 

Suddenly the Emergency service team coming gave Hamlin CPR in the spots middle of the NFL fields after the emergency responder has taking them to the hospital in an ambulance.

The Hamlin critical condition is happing at 7:55 p.m. which is nearly 6 min left to play in the first quarter. The Cincinnati Bengals led the Buffalo Bills 7-3. 

After the reports os coming, the reason is coming to the public “why he collapsed”, because of the Commotio Cordis It’s harmful, like a heart attack. 

Commotio Cordis happens as “sudden arrhythmic death caused by a low/mild chest wall impact”.

This is basically found in athletics which between 8 and 18  ages peoples.

During the played college football at Pittsburgh, this same thing already happened to him. The University of Maryland Medical School cardiologist Dr. Scott Jerome told them “it happens again if you hit the ball in the chest”.

Due to Damar’s critical condition, the match has been stopped and Buffalo Bills suddenly publish a statement saying “Hamlin is in critical condition”.

So the Bengals vs  Bills game has been postponed, this decision is happening that taking more than an hour to make it.

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