Grant Wahl US soccer journalist dies after collapsing at World Cup in Qatar

Grant Wahl, a well-known American journalist, passed away in Qatar after collapsing while covering the World Cup, Receiving CPR transported hospital by Uber.

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Grant Wahl, who is an influential Us soccer journalist has been dead in the middle of the Quater soccer world cup game. He was only 49, according to her brother Eric Wahl,

Friday, During Argentina’s quarterfinal match against the Netherlands teams in the quarter at Lusail Iconic Stadium, he suddenly collapsed, her brother and the stadium coordinator taking him to the nearest hospital. There is no clear mention that how he died, Buy the rumors that he was dead in the transport.

Backed to her early normal life he is starting her life with Sports Illustrated, digital media, and later he stated her won media Substack.

Grant Wahl’s brother sailed that, the Qatari government is responsible for his brother’s death, after Wahls dead he shared a video on her Instagram.

After he shared this video on Instagram he took her Instagram account from a public to a private account, It is unclear whether the Govt is forced to do that or not.

But before he makes her Instagram account private he also told her that 

“My name is Eric Wahl. I live in Seattle, Washington. I am Grant Wahl’s brother. I’m gay”.

And also told that I am the main suspect in my brother’s death, because I forced him to wear a rainbow t-shirt for this Netherlands world cup. 

Before the Match started my brother told me that he was receiving death threats from different unknown people. But I took him to the match and he died there, I think he was murdered because he was very healthy.

Speaking about the rainbow shirt for the World Cup, I forced him to wear this t-shirt, so during the incision entry time, guards are not allowed in Ahmad bin Ali Stadium because the t-shirt had a rainbow cooler with a  soccer ball logo inside. But after waiting 30 minutes he entered the stadium.

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Eric is still looking for the reason for his brother’s Grant Wahl dead. When he collapsed, suddenly the emergency medical team got him CPR, and transported him to the nearest hospital by a Uber taxi. 

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