Grant Wahl detained at World Cup Ahmad bin Ali Stadium for rainbow t-shirt

US journalist Grant Wahl says he was initially denied entry to a stadium because of a rainbow t-shirt

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Grant Wahl is no more, during the World Cup match the well-known American journalist is dead.

In the initial entry of the World Cup Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, the stadium commutes are not allowed the Grant Wahl because he is wearing a rainbow color t-shirt that has a soccer football logo inside the t-shirt.

Journalist Grant Wahl, who has a part of Sports Illustrated and now running Substack, a digital media which covers the soccer football match, twitted that “he is not in the stadium because of his shirt, which is a soccer ball surrounded by a rainbow”. The community told that this t-shirt is not allowed.

After hearing the Qatari crackdown on support for the LGBTQ community these tweets, they entered the stadium but on that time almost 30 minutes passes.

But later during the FIFA world cup, he suddenly collapsed and step down, the stadium community gave him CPR and took him to the nearest hospital by booking a Uber car. Paragraph during the transportation he passed away.

Read: Grant Wahl US soccer journalist dies after collapsing at World Cup in Qatar

Eric Wah, the brother of Grant Wahl told me that this is a murder case, my brother is a healthy person and he died of a heart attack. The Qatari government is responsible.

It’s been a few days that my brother has been getting threats to kill me.

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