Look: NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Show Got Booed by BebeRexha

Look: An NFL Halftime Show performance got booed on Thursday evening. Here's why.

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On Thursday afternoon at Ford Field, the Buffalo Bills got the winner against the Detroit Lions at a score of  28-25.

The NFL team Despite being a significant underdog entering the game on Thursday afternoon, Detroit played admirably against Buffalo. They give their best performance.

While the Lions’ performance stood out on the field, there was halftime at 12:30 pm. During their team player goes to the restroom, at this time Bebe Rexha takes on a show on Ford Field.

Rexha has already tweeted about their show on the NFL game ie. “Thanksgiving Halftime Show”.

On Thursday afternoon, a video of Rexha’s performance went viral on social media and is shared by fans.

But not everyone liked what had happened. According to reports, some spectators and fans heckled the halftime show.

Before taking the stage of the NFL thanksgiving 2022, Rexha acknowledged that she was a little anxious.

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