Los Angeles Clippers Spending $2 billion For Their New Arena

The Clippers' Intuit Dome will have a "wall of people" under both baskets, with a standing section of fans to create a homecourt advantage.

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Clippers New Arena: The Los Angeles Clipper has built a new sports field that cost $2 billion and they called it Intuit Done. 

The NBA team Los Angeles Clippers have been working for a little over a year to build an arena they called LA Home.

In 2021 Clippers started its new arena project called Intuit Dome Construction. Which is managed by AECOM & Hunt Turner constitution company. It is a joint construction project for both construction companies.

According to the USA Today post, on 25th Nov 2022 Clipper’s president of business operations, Gillian Zucker, gives an interview with USA TODAY and she shares updates on construction and unique arena features, and the progress of the projects. 

Based on Zucker’s statements, this arena project is a very unique architectural viewpoint. This arena is unique and special about it from an architectural standpoint. It has 4,700 seats for students and the venue has 640 restrooms. As compared to the competitor, no one has this amount of seats.

Talking about the electrics and carbon emission perceptive this Intuit Dome arena is 100% carbon-free and fully operated on Solar battery power like Apple Park.

Speaking about the price of the projects the project’s initial cost is $1.2 Billion but now assumed that $2 billion.

The owner of the LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer says, it will be used as the main court, practice, and community events. And he is told that the Los Angeles Clippers planning to open their $2-billion arena, in the summer of 2024.

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