Watch Car COLLIDE with Biden’s Motorcade! (Who Was Driving?)

Biden motorcade mystery: car collides with presidential convoy - accident or something more?

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President Biden and the first lady were unharmed after a vehicle collided with an SUV in the president’s motorcade when it was parked in downtown Wilmington, Del., on Sunday night.

Biden'S Motorcade Vehicle Hit By Car
Panic in Wilmington Shocking Scenes as Biden’s Motorcade Under Attack (Updated)

The president and first lady met with campaign officials at a reception in Wilmington, where the campaign is based. The two exited the event soon after 8 p.m., when the president paused to respond to a question about why he is behind previous President Trump in surveys.

Biden reacted by claiming that reporters were looking at “the wrong polls.” An automobile with Delaware license plates then collided with an SUV parked at the junction across the street from campaign headquarters.

Panic in Wilmington: Shocking Scenes as Biden’s Motorcade Under Attack (Updated)

When the incident occurred, the first lady had already entered her vehicle, but the president was still standing outside.
Agents from the Secret Service led Biden into his car and approached the vehicle that had slammed into the motorcade.

A few minutes later, the president’s limousine drove away, and the president and first lady returned to their Wilmington home at 8:20 p.m.

When this happened, a man strolling by said, “Oh my gosh!”

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