Panic in Wilmington: Shocking Scenes as Biden’s Motorcade Under Attack (Updated)

BREAKING: Car plows into Biden's motorcade - is the President safe? See the terrifying footage here!

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  • President Biden was uninjured after an automobile collided with a vehicle in his motorcade.
  • The incident occurred outside his Wilmington, Delaware campaign office.
  • No one was hurt, and the President’s itinerary has not been modified.
  • The Secret Service and the Wilmington Police Department are investigating what caused the crash.

An automobile collided with a vehicle in President Joe Biden’s motorcade outside his campaign offices in Wilmington, Delaware, last evening, just avoiding a security worry. While disturbing, the episode did not result in any injury to the President or anybody else involved.

According to sources, the accident happened soon after 8:00 p.m. EST as President Biden was leaving his campaign offices after a supper with workers. According to reports, a silver automobile with Delaware license plates collided with an SUV parked at a junction, generating a loud noise and catching the attention of the President and bystanders.

Secret Service agents, who are prepared for such scenarios, reacted quickly to the occurrence. They encircled the automobile and apprehended the driver while escorting President Biden to his armored vehicle, which was waiting for him. Jill Biden, the First Lady, was already inside the vehicle, and both left the area without incident.

The amount of the vehicles’ damage is unknown, and the driver’s motivations are still being investigated by the Secret Service and the Wilmington Police Department. However, preliminary assessments indicate that the incident was inadvertent and that no foul play is suspected.

The event was verified by President Biden’s spokeswoman, who declined to speak further, adding that the Secret Service is handling the inquiry. The White House has verified that the President’s itinerary for today will remain unchanged.

The event served as a reminder of the continual security concerns that surround presidents, as well as the stringent processes in place to protect them. Despite the close approach, the Secret Service’s quick and skilled response protected the safety of President Biden and everyone else involved.

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