Nashville school shooting: Six fatally shot at Covenant School, including three children; female suspect killed by police

Three students were killed in a school shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville, on Monday morning.

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Three adults and three students were killed in a school shooting at The Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville, on Monday morning. A confrontation with police resulted in the death of the female suspect.

According to Don Aaron, a Metro Nashville Police Department spokeswoman, the female suspect was a minor who entered a side entry with two assault rifles and a pistol. A five-person police squad fatally shot her.

Aaron said that seven individuals were verified deceased, including the shooter.

Scores of parents and observers gathered in a parking lot near the site of one of Tennessee’s bloodiest school shootings, awaiting developments as helicopters circled the area, which was bordered by a residential and bustling commercial sector.  

Crews extracted people from the wreckage.

The 10:13 a.m. school shooting is likely to be the sixth in the Nashville region since 2011, and the first since 2018.

On social media, there has been a flood of remarks.

Monday morning, Ashbey Beasley was on vacation and just a block away from the school when she heard bullets. Beasley, who was at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, when a shooter opened fire, raced over to the location off Hillsboro Pike and found it swarming with cops.”Aren’t you tired of this?”

she remarked as she took over the microphones during a press conference with Metro Nashville Police. “How is this still going on?”Beasley continued to speak at the microphones, vehemently opposing gun laws.

“How are our children dying, and why are we failing them?” she said. “These shootings, and mass shootings, will continue until our lawmakers take action and pass safer gun legislation.”

According to Kendra Loney, a Metro Fire spokesman, rescue teams reacted and saved the lives of all involved.

As a consequence of the broken glass, one police officer suffered a hand injury.

Students and families will have access to mental health specialists, according to Loney.

More than 100 professors and staff members were bused to the reunion location.

The incident occurred at 10:30 a.m. at The Covenant School, located at 33 Burton Hills Blvd. 

“We can confirm we have multiple patients,” the fire department said in a statement. At this time, parents visiting the school should proceed to 20 Burton Hills. This is a lively setting.”

What we know about Covenant Presbyterian Church and Covenant School

The Covenant School, which serves kids in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, was established in 2001 as a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Enrollment ranges between 195 and 210 students, with 33 teaching staff members.

Battle Ground Academy, Brentwood Academy, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Ensworth, Davidson Academy, and other nearby private schools are often served by the Covenant School.

Parents from Covenant School are reconnecting with their children.

Parents Wait For Their Children After The School Shooting At Covenants School In Green Hills, Nashville
Parents Wait for their children after the school shooting at Covenants School in Green Hills, Nashville

Parents waited in the sanctuary of Woodmont Baptist Church to provide police with their children’s first and last names. 

Vice Mayor Jim Shulman was in the sanctuary, handing out bottled water to wait for parents and family members.

Children will be tallied outside as they arrive and transported inside the sanctuary individually to be reunited with their parents, according to officials.

“I know this is probably the worst day of everyone’s lives,” a Metro police officer stated to the assembled throng. “I cannot express how sympathetic we are.” 

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