Moscow Police Chief James Fry Warns the killer of University of Idaho students could strike again

Moscow, Idaho cops warn the locals and visitors to be careful Saturday commencement event of the University of Idaho.

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Almost 4 weeks ago Moscow Police hasn’t caught the murderer of the 4 University of Idaho students. They tried their best investigation to catch the killer.

On the 10th Dec 2022, the University of Idaho conducted its winter commencement before the problem was announced Moscow Police Chief James Fry warns to the Idaho university and their students to conduct the problem carefully. There might be chances that the killer may be returned.

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Also, the authority warns the nearest local people and homes as well as visitors to be careful Saturday for the commencement festivities.

According to the Daily Mail reports, authorities told locals to be careful and always travel in a group of people during this Saturday the celebration.

“There will be a large influx of visitors coming from the outside for this commencement event. During the event period, the area will be fully secure both On-campus and neighborhood as Chief James Fry of the Moscow Police Department and Idaho, told.

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