Kaylee Goncalves Dad of Idaho murder victim says she had “big open gouges” and called police “cowards.”

One of the 4 University of Idaho student victims Kaylee Goncalves's father says "big open gouges" on his body from the "sadistic male" who killed him. He also called the local police, who were keeping quiet, "cowards."

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One of the 4 University of Idaho student victims Kaylee Goncalves’s father says “big open gouges” on his body from the “sadistic male” who killed him. He also called the local police, who were keeping quiet, “cowards.”

Coroner Cathy Mabbutt told him the horrifying details when they spoke, according to Steven Goncalves, whose daughter Kaylee was one of the murdered students in Moscow, Idaho.

According to Fox News Digital an interview he told, “she says sir, I don’t think stabs is the right word, it was like tears like this was a strong weapon, not like a stab,”

“She claimed that they were large open gouges. It was quick, she said. These were not situations where you would be able to dial 911. The distraught father continued, “They weren’t going to bleed out slowly. Additionally, he described how his beloved daughter’s liver and lungs had been cut open.

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The early hours of November 13 saw the deaths of Kaylee, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20.

When his daughter and Mogen were killed while in bed together in their off-campus home, the elder Goncalves claimed that their injuries were “not even close to matching.”

The coroner reportedly told Goncalves that Kernodle, who was in a bed on a different floor of the house with her boyfriend Chapin when they died, suffered defensive wounds and waged “a hell of a battle” to try to survive.

Police have acknowledged the victims were stabbed to death but have not yet named a suspect or even disclosed the killer’s profile. They also claimed that the attack was “targeted,” but they only vaguely defined what they meant by that.

In his interview with Fox on Sunday, the father continued to criticize the police, claiming that they should give the public access to more information.

According to Goncalves, “I got outraged by them not just coming out and saying this was a woman or a man because they should know by the amount of strength it took to deliver the injuries.”

Simply put, they are cowards. Right now, there are girls walking down the street who deserve to know. A sadistic male should be on their radar.

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