Disturbing Details Unveiled: Trapped Victim’s Fight for Life

Exclusive account of Idaho horror: Victim's escape attempts, chilling evidence. Unravel the gripping story behind the trapped survivor in the Bryan Kohberger case.

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According to Steve Goncalves, his daughter Kaylee was 'locked' between a wall and her friend's dead corpse the night of the killings. 
According to her mother, the perpetrator only intended to "kill one" pupil, but his "plan went awry."
Despite being accused with the four killings, Bryan Kohberger has refuted the claims.

According to Kaylee Goncalves’s parents, while trying to flee their murderer, their daughter was ‘trapped’ by the corpse of her closest friend. 

The property layout in Moscow, Idaho, according to Steve Goncalves, prevented his daughter from leaving her bedroom the night she was killed. 

Both Kaylee (Left) And Maddie (Right) Were Sleeping In The Same Bed The Night Of The Murders, With Kaylee'S Parents Claiming They Have Evidence Showing She 'Tried To Get Out Of The Situation'
Both Kaylee (left) and Maddie (right) were sleeping in the same bed the night of the murders, with Kaylee’s parents claiming they have evidence showing she ‘tried to get out of the situation’

On November 13, 2022, Kaylee, 21, Maddie Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kernodle’s boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, were all fatally shot.

The night of the killings, Kaylee and Maddie were both sleeping in the same bed. According to Kaylee’s parents, they had proof that she “tried to get out of the situation” before being slain.

He Believes Kaylee Was Stuck Between Her Friend'S Body And The Wall Before The Assailant Attacked Her, Citing The Coroner'S Report
He believes Kaylee was stuck between her friend’s body and the wall before the assailant attacked her, citing the coroner’s report

Steve said that Maddie was probably the first victim of the four University of Idaho students’ murders, which have been accused with being committed by 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger. 

Citing the coroner’s findings, he surmises that Kaylee was trapped between her friend’s corpse and the wall prior to the attacker attacking her. 

There is evidence to suggest that she awoke and attempted to flee the situation, but she was beaten and stabbed, he told CBS News’ Peter Van Sant.

The bed was positioned next to the wall. Both the left side of the bed and the headboard were in contact with the wall. 

And we think Kaylee was on the inside and Maddie was outdoors. Kaylee was confined because of how the bed was constructed.

According to Kaylee’s mother, Kristi, the murderer “intended to kill one and killed four,” adding that she believes the murderer’s plot “went awry.” 

They made these remarks after Kohberger forfeited his right to a prompt trial, delaying the legal proceeding until at least the next year. 

When asked to make a plea, he declined, so the judge entered a not-guilty indication in his place. The accusations against him are refuted by his legal team.  

Where The Bodies Were Found. Ethan And Xana Were Discovered Murdered On The King Road House'S Second Floor, While Kaylee And Madison Shared A Bed On The Third Floor
Where the bodies were found. Ethan and Xana were discovered murdered on the King Road house’s second floor, while Kaylee and Madison shared a bed on the third floor

In “The Night of the Idaho Murders,” Van Sant met with the victims’ families, and Jazzmin, Xana’s sister, revealed herself for the first time. 

She remarked, “I don’t know why [the murders] happened.” I wish we were aware. All four of them were simply such wonderful individuals who had a huge positive influence on others around them.

Bryan Kohberger , 28, Has Been Charged With The Murders Of The Four University Of Idaho Students In November Last Year
Bryan Kohberger , 28, has been charged with the murders of the four University of Idaho students in November last year
Xana Kernodle'S Family Say They Believe That The Student 'Fought Back' Against Her Attacker In The New Interview
Xana Kernodle’s family say they believe that the student ‘fought back’ against her attacker in the new interview
Victims (L-R) Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen (On Kaylee'S Shoulders) Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle
Victims (L-R) Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen (on Kaylee’s shoulders) Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle
Steve Said: 'We'Re Not Going To Just Sit Back And Cross Our Fingers And Pray We'Re Going To Get Justice'
Steve said: ‘We’re not going to just sit back and cross our fingers and pray we’re going to get justice’

The father of Xana said that he thinks his daughter resisted her murderer, adding, “It’s disturbing to think about.” 

The Goncalves family thinks that suspected murderer Kohberger visited the Kings Road property on many reconnaissance missions.

According to Steve, “He had to know when people were coming and going.” 

According to a police document, Kohberger visited the home at least 12 times before the deaths. 

Before a gag order was implemented, the Goncalves family was doing their own inquiry and often spoke out. 

The investigation, according to the family, showed that Kohberger was following both Kaylee and Maddie on Instagram, adding that it ‘looked to be’ his genuine account.  

We won’t simply wait around, crossing our fingers that justice will be served, remarked Steve.

‘He’s going to feel all of us simply gazing at the back of his head,’ his wife said, adding that she thinks Kohberger is accountable for the killings. He is aware of what he did to our daughter, too.

The Murder House In Moscow, Idaho. Slain Housemates Kaylee Goncalves And Madison Mogen Were Found On The Top Floor In Their Beds. College Lovers Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle Were Found In A Second Floor Bedroom While Survivors Dylan Mortensen And Bethany Funke Were Sleeping On The First Floor
The murder house in Moscow, Idaho. Slain housemates Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen were found on the top floor in their beds. College lovers Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle were found in a second floor bedroom while survivors Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke were sleeping on the first floor
A Floor Plan Of The Top Floor Shows The Master Bedroom Where Kaylee Slept, Next Door To A Second Bedroom Where Madison Was Sleeping When They Were Slaughtered
A floor plan of the top floor shows the master bedroom where Kaylee slept, next door to a second bedroom where Madison was sleeping when they were slaughtered
The Floor Layout Shows That The Murderer Would Have Taken A Winding Route Through The Kitchen, The Foyer And Into The Living Room
The floor layout shows that the murderer would have taken a winding route through the kitchen, the foyer and into the living room

However, Kohberger’s legal team disputes the allegations made on social media, claiming that there is “no connection” between him and any of the victims. 

There is little detail available about the case due to the gag order, but court documents indicate the suspected killer’s attorneys are contesting the genealogy that led to his arrest. 

The supposed film of his Hyundai Elantra, according to his team, was mistaken. 

Legal professionals are starting to wonder whether the case is as clear-cut as it originally seemed to be when Kohberger was taken into custody. 

It’s hardly a “slam dunk,” according to Bryanna Fox, a professor of criminology at the University of South Florida and a former FBI special agent. 

The defense seems to be claiming that there was a rush to judgment, that the police made an arrest too rapidly, and that they concentrated on their client too quickly, she said. 

Nearly two months after the triple homicide, in late December, Kohberger was taken into custody at his parents’ Pennsylvania home.

His DNA was found on the button of a knife sheath that was found beneath Maddie Mogen’s corpse, and this led to his arrest. 

His defense team has said that the DNA was “planted” by law enforcement and that his alibi is that he was “driving around” when the crimes took place.  

Police Reported That Two Of The Victims Likely Fought Back And Suffered Defensive Wounds Trying To Ward Off The Slasher
Police reported that two of the victims likely fought back and suffered defensive wounds trying to ward off the slasher

The FBI is reported to have interrogated the genetic expert testifying in Kohberger’s trial at her home, according to the defense team for the defendant. 

Gabriella Vargas, a genetic genealogy specialist who recently discussed DNA matching in court, was allegedly hounded by the FBI immediately after taking the stand, according to Anne Taylor.

Regarding “what happens to witnesses after they testify in court,” Taylor also said that she intended to submit a motion.

Kohberger Enters A Courtroom To Appear At A Hearing In Latah County District Court Wednesday
Kohberger enters a courtroom to appear at a hearing in Latah County District Court Wednesday

Bill Thompson, the Latah County prosecutor, said in court that when Vargas questioned some of her own testimony, he asked the FBI to conduct an investigation.

The death sentence is being sought in his case, which might result in his being executed by firing squad, according to prosecutors.  

Defense lawyers for Kohberger are pleading with the court to have the courtroom’s cameras turned off, but he is still being held without charge. 

Judge John Judge Presided Over A Hearing Wednesday Where A Coalition Of Media Members Alongside The Prosecution Lobbied To Have The Trial Photographed, Televised And Even Live-Streamed
Judge John Judge presided over a hearing Wednesday where a coalition of media members alongside the prosecution lobbied to have the trial photographed, televised and even live-streamed

A coalition of media representatives and the prosecution fought for the trial to be recorded, shown on television, and even streamed live at a hearing that Judge John Judge oversaw.

The court remarked that the media’s coverage of the case “pushed the envelope” and questioned if they had a right to “intervene” in the trial.

He adjourned the session without reaching a decision about the use of cameras during the trial.

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