Bryan Kohberger ‘vanished’ from police: Idaho Murders Update

One of the Idaho Murder victims Ethan Chapin’s mom shares an update about Bryan Kohberger ‘vanished’ from police.

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The mother of the victim of the University of Idaho student murder Ethan Chapin has provided an update on how the family is coping with their “new normal” without her son.

Stacy Chapin talked of the minor wins they achieve each day in the healing process in a Facebook post, revealing she and her husband had visited their two surviving triplets Mazie and Hunter at the college where all three were enrolled before Ethan’s death.

“The beginning of the mourning process seemed like being at the bottom of the wall with no key to open the gate and no rope to climb the wall. “The rope has been thrown over the wall, and we have begun the arduous climb,” she wrote.

Her allegation comes after it was revealed that an FBI surveillance team “lost” Bryan Kohberger for many hours as the net was closing in on him for the deaths of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Chapin on November 13th.

According to Air Mail’s “The Eyes of a Killer: Part Two,” Mr. Kohberger “vanished” for several hours as he and his father began their cross-country journey from Washington State University (WSU) to his family’s home in Pennsylvania.

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