Colorado Club Q shooting suspect changed the name in 2016, saying they wanted to protect themself from father, court records show

According to Texas court records Colorado Springs Club Q shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich applied for a name change at age 15

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According to Texas court records, the Colorado Springs Club Q nightclub shooting suspect changed their name in 2016 to protect themselves from their birth father as well as his “criminal history.”

Back to the Last night’s news: The Colorado  Club Q shooting suspect Aldrich identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, according to court documents filed by their defense attorneys. 

According to the Denver Gazette  post “Accused Club Q shooter changed the name in his teenager, for erase the past history of his  dad was MMA and porn star, mom had arrest record”

On May 2, 2016, judge Nicholas Franklin Brink in Bexar County, Texas, granted a request to change their name to Anderson Lee Aldrich, this is happens before few weeks after he had turned to 16 age, and after two weeks their changes request her grandparents, who were their legal guardians at that time, filed the petition on their behalf. Aldrich was 15 at the time.

In the petition, Aldrich’s grandparents wrote that he wanted to change their name to Aldrich because he “wishes to protect himself + his future from any connections to birth father + his criminal history+ Pornstar Mother.” 

And also in the petition, there is mention that Aldrich’s father, Aaron F. Brink, had no talk, no meeting, no contact with his child “for past several years.”

Aldrich’s defense attorneys wrote in court filings Tuesday that Aldrich is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Aldrich is being held on suspicion of murder and bias-motivated crimes, but authorities have not said what evidence supports his allegations of a hate crime.

Based on The Washington Post’s first report on the filing which is published on Tuesday morning, they mentioned that Aldrich’s name change to distance themself from their father’s petition had not yet been approved.

The Colorado Shooting suspects Aldrich’s history has come under intense scrutiny since he was arrested Sunday morning on suspicion of killing five people and injuring 18 others at Club Q in Colorado Springs. 

The caption of the Department of Colorado Police said he is only  22 years old, he entered the gay and lesbian club and stated opened fire minutes before the Transgender Day of Remembrance was to begin. Club some people confronted the suspect, one of whom beat him with the suspect weapon and he is killed by the suspect.

Based on the police statement, The suspect had got injured during the shooting, that’s why they have hospitalized them.

But Tuesday, Aldrich was discharged from the hospital and took them into the El Paso County Jail, On Wednesday morning he had a congress call with the public court from the jail.

It is unclear what happened to the case against Aldrich. No related court files are visible to the public and officials have declined to discuss the case. 

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