Celine Dion’s Tragic Update: “Lost Control of Muscles,” Hopes Fade for Stage Return

Beloved singer loses muscle control in rare illness battle. Can Celine Dion ever sing again? Fans shower her with love as family reveals heartbreaking new details.

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Celine Dion has ‘lost control of her muscles,’ according to her sister, who has shared a sad health update.

Celine Dion’s catastrophic physical condition has caused her to lose movement, according to an update sent by her sister after she was forced to cancel her last tour.

Celine Dion stated in December that she had been diagnosed with stiff person syndrome, a rare and degenerative neurological ailment in which the body attacks its own nerve cells.

Patients often lose control of their bodies as a result of the condition, which has no treatment and is so rare that research is exceptionally delayed.

Claudette, Celine’s older sister, has now issued a tragic update to fans after the singer was forced to cancel her last tour due to the disease’s progress.

Celine Dion Can'T Control Muscles Due To Stiff-Person Syndrome Sister
Celine Dion Can’t Control Muscles Due to Stiff-Person Syndrome Sister

According to the 74-year-old, the French Canadian singer is “working hard” to keep the ailment at bay but “doesn’t have control over her muscles” anymore.

She assured fans that the Hollywood actress wants to “return to the stage,” but said that it is unclear in what capacity this would be feasible.

Stiff person syndrome, or SPS, can cause patients to struggle to walk or communicate owing to muscular stiffness and spasms, with some sufferers living a statue-like existence in the later stages of the chronic condition.

It is thought to afflict one in a million people, with women accounting for the bulk of those diagnosed.

Claudette stated that the condition might be terrible for Celine’s career and life because it attacks muscles in the body, adding, “The vocal cords are muscles, and the heart is also a muscle.”

Despite enlisting the assistance of “top researchers in the field,” Celine’s health has improved little in the year since she made her diagnosis public on Instagram.

Fans are definitely not given up on the All by Myself hitmaker, as Claudette claimed that her family’s charity, Foundation Maman Dion, has been swamped with love, support, and prayers for her sister.

“She gets so many messages, gifts, and blessed crucifixes,” Claudette said.

Rumors circulated earlier this year that the Grammy winner had become wheelchair-bound due to the worsening sickness, but her sister quickly debunked the accusations.

While the ailment was taking a toll on Celine physically, Claudette stated at the time that she still had “the joy of living” and the mental strength to “get through this.”

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