The Cardinals Are Saying Colt McCoy Is The Only who lost Week 11 Against The 49ers In Mexico City

Know about why the Cardinal lost the Monday night football game against the 49ers in Mexico City.

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In the NFL’s last game of Week 11, propaganda perishes in the margins. similar to the Arizona Cardinals‘ season on a slick night in Mexico City against the 49ers.

The Arizona Cardinals were defeated 38-10 by the 49ers on Monday night. Colt McCoy‘s poise and leadership weren’t able to overcome a top-notch NFL defense. The Cardinals are a dead team walking into the NFC playoff picture with seven losses and six games to play.

Colt Mccoy Is The Only Who Lost Week 11 Against The 49Ers In Mexico City
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With better health, better conditioning, and a much better roster, the 49ers are becoming a legitimate Super Bowl contender this season. This was evident from their convincing victory.

It was a resounding tribute to the superior GM/head coach pairing. It provided a brief glimpse of the Cardinals’ $230 million problem going forward.

McCoy was hailed as precisely the kind of captain required to crack open Kliff Kingsbury’s plan and a frustrating offense.

Murray was urged to return to school and retrain his brain, just like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, by former 49ers legend Steve Young. In his own cautious way, Larry Fitzgerald even appeared to pile on Murray, who divides opinion.

The truth is that McCoy isn’t a championship-caliber quarterback by any means. And the Cardinals are doing a terrible job of developing the other quarterback into a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback.

Once more, until something changes, nothing will change in Arizona. Due to the short duration of the battle in Monday’s game.

DeAndre Hopkins was called for taunting after celebrating a big reception by counting the number of 49ers attempting to cover him. This turned the game around. One, two, flag,

Right away, some Cardinals supporters yelled “foul.” However, self-awareness is a virtue that is valued in life, and the NFL penalized taunting 61 times in 2021. 56 of them were upheld despite the fact that the majority of them were absurd.

Hopkins needed to be aware of better practices because they also promised to continue their crackdown in 2022. In the end, the penalty was just another mental slip-up from one of the NFL’s most sloppy teams.

From that point on, the Cardinals’ biggest game of the season seemed impossible to win.

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