Winter Strom Is Coming Towards Midwest, Minnesota braces

A Winter Strom Is Coming Towards Midwest, Minnesota.

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As another winter storm comes across the Midwest, it is expected to begin in 2023. Snow is expected in the Twin Cities on Monday night and Tuesday. Ice accumulations are expected south of the city along I-90.

Timeline Of The Winter Strom

On Monday afternoon, isolated snow showers are expected, primarily from the Twin Cities to the south. There may be some freezing drizzle mixed in with the snow in southern Minnesota. Any precipitation would be mild until around 6:00 p.m. Monday.

Snow will become widespread beginning Monday evening and will continue through Monday night, according to the Winter Storm Warning. This is also the time of year when freezing rain is expected along the I-90 corridor. The majority of the ice accumulations will occur between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

How Do I prepare for this Winter Strom?

Limit your traveling as much as possible on Tuesday, especially if planning to go to southern or southwestern Minnesota. 

If you have a meeting or office time or appointment scheduled, you have to make reschedule that, no matter how much you are the skill of skilled winter driver.

If their children must miss school on Tuesday, their parents have a plan in place.

If you have time on Monday, make sure you have adequate sand and/or salt, as well as gas for the snowblower.

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