Flash Floods Hit Northeast: Record Rainfall & Rescues

Unprecedented rainfall causes flash floods in the Northeast. Pittsburgh faces emergency, residents evacuated.

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The storm system that caused flash floods in West Virginia and Pennsylvania is still present throughout the Northeast.

The energy is a component of the same dangerous storm system that sent severe weather and multiple tornadoes and flash flood warnings across the South on Thursday.

After dropping a lot of rain in the Ohio Valley and the Appalachians, the Northeast is still seeing sporadic showers and isolated thunderstorms.

The energy is a component of the same dangerous storm system that sent severe weather and multiple tornado and flash flood warnings across the South on Thursday.

The FOX Forecast Center predicts that rainfall totals in the Northeast and New England will not break records, with levels only expected to reach less than one inch through Saturday.

The National Weather Service predicted that “heavy rainfall combined with warm temperatures will cause rapid melting of snowpack from the foothills northward.” As a result, there will be more runoff into rivers and streams.

The possibility of both flash and river floods will be supported by moderate to heavy rains on partially frozen ground.”

Northeast Rain Qpf
Northeast Rain QPF

Pittsburgh had significant flash flooding on Friday.

On Thursday night, 2-4 inches of rain fell across the Pittsburgh metro area, causing flash flooding and prompting local National Weather Service meteorologists to declare a Flash Flood Emergency.

In areas of northern Washington County and southwest Allegheny County, where the water was predicted to rush into already-high creeks and rivers, several home and water rescues were recorded.


A week after several waterways peaked at levels not seen in decades, the torrential rains may push them beyond their banks.

According to preliminary data from NOAA water gauges, significant waterways such as the Ohio River are expected to remain below their recent crest levels.

The record for wettest April day was broken just nine days ago, with 2.77 inches recorded on Thursday, according to the NWS in Pittsburgh. NWS Pittsburgh wrote on X Friday morning, “This is the only time the first and second greatest daily rainfall for a month have occurred in the same year.”

Flash Floods Northeast
Flash Floods Northeast

On two streets in Bridgeville, residents of the Pittsburgh suburb had to flee because of rapidly rising floodwaters, as seen in video from the Bridgeville Police Department.

Flooding is causing Baldwin Street and Maple Street to be evacuated. The fire department is ready if you need somewhere to go, the agency posted on Facebook on Thursday night.

Flash Floods Northeast Pittsburgh
Flash Floods Northeast Pittsburgh

Rapidly rising floodwater is seen in footage released by the Bridgeville Police Department, which also announced that residents of two streets had to leave.

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