Arrest warrant issued for Outback Wrangler Reality Show Star, Matt Wright after fatal chopper crash in NT

Outback Wrangler Reality television star Matt Wright has broken his silence after listening to a warrant was issued for his arrest in relation to a fatal helicopter crash that killed his co-star earlier this year.

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Matt Wright, the Outback Wranglers star, an arrest warrant has been issued by the NT Police for the connection with a fatal helicopter crash, which happened in February, in West Arnhem Land.

At the start of 2022, on 28th February Reality television star Matt Wright take a helicopter ride in the NT, by the incident the chopper co-pilot was killed in Chopper Crash. 

Chris “Willow” Wilson, was collecting crocodile eggs in the Northern Territory on February 28 when his helicopter crashed, killing Wilson and another man seriously injuring.

At 34, Chris Wilson lost his life on February 28 as well as the Robinson R44 helicopter, he crashed and handed with trees in west Arnhem Land. That scene is very sad.

According to a preliminary Air Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) report which was released in mid-April, the body of Chris Wilson was found at the King River crash site, 40 meters from the main wreckage, 

Sky News Australia reported that, By Wednesday morning, the 43-year-old must report to Northern Territory police in Darwin after being contacted by his legal team.

Matt Wright is anticipated to face charges for obstructing the administration of justice, destroying evidence, fabricating evidence, meddling with witnesses, and two counts of illegal entry.

Although the police are not mentioned Wright’s name in their statements, which is published on Monday, By Wright was mentioned in various media reports. 

Back on the 28th of February, To collect crocodile eggs from his nests in swampy areas the father of two was fastened to a line using a harness. At the time helicopter hovered above, 

One of the three helicopters used to gather eggs that day was the one that crashed. After failing to answer radio calls, one of the other crews discovered it.

After the chopper crash Sebastian Robinson, the pilot, suffered serious injuries, Before he was treated in Darwin Hospital he has been treated in Maningrida.

Based on the ATSB analysis, the main rotor blade of the helicopter hit and repeatedly cut through a tree trunk before the aircraft hit the ground. And also, they suggested that the engine of the chopper was shut off before touched down.

And also, that analysis told that there is no damage to the drive system and the tail rotor blades, or the engine.

In more than 90 countries location, the adventure TV show Outback Wrangler is broadcast. 

This Reality TV program capture and transportation of dangerous creatures that endanger people, such as crocodiles and wild buffalo.

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