Alec Baldwin heatedly clashes with a protester who asks him if he ‘condemns Israel’

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin vs. pro-Palestine protestor's! Heated clash over Israel & fatal Rust shooting. Baldwin shouts, "Peace for Gaza," but is haunted by tragedy. See dramatic video now!

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Alec Baldwin gets into an argument with a protester who asks if he “condemns Israel.”

Footage reveals a ‘Departed’ actor being goaded on the set of ‘Rust’ about a tragic shooting.

After being asked if he “condemned Israel,” Alec Baldwin got into an argument with pro-Palestine protestors in New York.

The actor was also chastised for the deadly shooting of cameraman Halyna Hutchins on the Rust set in 2021.

Footage from the incident, which was uploaded on social media, shows the Hollywood icon, 65, urging one individual to “shut the f*** up” after they questioned his position on the ongoing battle in Gaza.

Alec Baldwin Caught Up In Pro-Palestinian Protest As Actor Seen In Shouting Match Before Being Escorted Off In Nyc
Alec Baldwin caught up in pro-Palestinian protest as actor seen in shouting match before being escorted off in NYC

“You work in Hollywood, so do you condemn Israel?” a demonstrator said, to which the Departed actor answered, “Because I’m in Hollywood?” You’ve already made your decision.”

Baldwin became further enraged, adding, “You ask stupid questions.” “Ask me intelligent questions.”

Later, he was heard assuring demonstrators that he “wants peace for Gaza.”

Police finally took the actor away from the march in Manhattan, which was organized by the organization Within Our Lifetime. A throng followed Baldwin, and one could be heard making remarks about the tragic shooting in which Baldwin was implicated.

When the actor stated that he desired “peace for Gaza,” one demonstrator responded, “You did kill someone, right?”

The Hollywood Star Looked Angry As He Yelled Back At Activists Who Asked Him 'Whose Pocket Are You In?'
The Hollywood star looked angry as he yelled back at activists who asked him ‘whose pocket are you in?’

Hutchins was murdered when a pretend gun carried by Baldwin fired a real bullet during production for the Western picture.

Prosecutors dismissed charges against Baldwin in April, but it was reported in October that New Mexico prosecutors planned to prosecute him with involuntary manslaughter. Baldwin has maintained that he did not fire the fake firearm.

The Independent has reached out to Baldwin for comment.

Rust production continued this year in Montana, according to an arrangement with the cinematographer’s widower, Matthew Hutchins, who became an executive producer.

Alec Baldwin Is Pictured On Monday Night In New York City After He Got Into A Shouting Match With Pro-Palestinian Protesters
Alec Baldwin is pictured on Monday night in New York City after he got into a shouting match with pro-Palestinian protesters

Matthew resolved a wrongful death lawsuit between Baldwin and the Rust producers in June.

“We all believe Halyna’s death was a tragic accident.” “I am grateful to the producers and the entertainment community for coming together to honor Halyna’s final work,” he said following the settlement.

The pro-Palestine march in Manhattan comes as Palestinians in Gaza experienced a fourth consecutive day of communications blackout, the longest interruption since the conflict with Israel began following Hamas’ onslaught on 7 October.

Three-quarters of the territory’s 2.3 million inhabitants have been relocated.

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