Two people purchased the property where the Murdaugh family killings occurred

The Moselle estate is a large 1,700-acre estate where Alex Murdaugh murdered Maggie and Paul Murdaugh in 2021.

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SOUTH COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. — The iconic South Carolina crime that resulted in a high-profile trial this year, the Murdaugh family murders, has now been sold.

According to court documents, the sale of the Moselle property, as it is called, took place on Wednesday. The property will now be held by James Ayer and Jeffery Godley. 

According to public records, Godley already owned land near Moselle. The asking price was $3.9 million, however, the selling papers said that the property sold for $2.6 million. 

The Moselle estate is a huge 1,700-acre stretch of property in Colleton County that contains a mansion, hunting areas, woodlands, a dog kennel, and other facilities.

According to records, Maggie Murdaugh owned it and resided there with her husband, Alex Murdaugh, a famous attorney in the region. 

Maggie and her adult son, Paul Murdaugh, were murdered on June 7, 2021, and everything changed. The duo was discovered shot to death near the property’s dog kennels, both slain with high-powered guns. 

Alex Murdaugh was eventually charged with their murders. Murdaugh was found guilty of killing the two after just three hours of deliberation in a six-week trial that finished earlier this month.

Alex Murduagh was then condemned to consecutive life terms by a court. He has filed an appeal against his conviction. 

There was substantial evidence throughout the trial concerning where the shooting occurred, the weapons that were housed on the farm, the layout of the land, and the victims’ and killers’ activities that night.

A brief video captured on Paul’s phone showed the three at the dog kennels on the night of the homicide was crucial evidence.

The tape had Alex’s voice, which undermined his alibi that he hadn’t been at the murder site that evening. 

Before the jury started deliberations in the case, the defense team requested a tour of the premises.

The site drew sightseers who had been following the trial and wanted to see the area for themselves both during and after the trial. 

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