Nashville school shooter spent months planning a deadly attack, police say

Nashville police said in a statement that the decision was reached after examining the shooter's notes.

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According to authorities, the attacker in last week’s fatal shooting at a Nashville school plotted the assault for “months.”

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said in a statement that investigators reached that conclusion after examining the shooter’s notes.

During the assault at The Covenant School, three 9-year-old students and three adults were murdered.

The attacker, a former pupil named 28-year-old Audrey Hale, was shot and slain by officers, according to authorities. According to authorities, the gunman discharged 152 bullets during his spree last week.

According to officers, the notes were found in the shooter’s car in the school parking lot and in their bedroom. Nashville officers and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit are reviewing the notes.

The reason for the killing has yet to be determined by investigators. According to authorities, what has been discovered thus far indicates that the gunman operated alone. The inquiry is still going on.

According to Nashville Mayor John Cooper, officers apprehended the attacker 14 minutes after getting the report of the school gunfire. The fast reaction spared “many lives,” he said on “CBS Mornings.”

According to authorities, two cops shot less than ten bullets at the attacker. Officer Rex Engelbert used his firearm to fire four bullets, and Officer Michael Collazo used his 9 mm weapon to fire four rounds.

The two cops’ body cameras show them approaching the school last Monday and searching classes, stairwells, and halls before confronting the gunman in a short encounter.

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