Gloria Satterfield’s attorneys respond to Alex Murdaugh’s story of her death

Attorneys representing Gloria Satterfield, Alex Murdaugh's former maid, struck back at him on Monday, according to Channel 9 affiliate WCIV.

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Attorneys representing Gloria Satterfield, Alex Murdaugh’s former maid, struck back at him on Monday, according to Channel 9 affiliate WCIV.

Murdaugh replied to a Nautilus Insurance lawsuit last week, alleging Satterfield did not slip and fall because of the family pets.

According to WCIV, the Satterfields’ attorneys think Murdaugh is unlawfully attempting to implicate the Satterfields in the Nautilus lawsuit. According to Ronnie Richter, an attorney representing the family, the lawsuit is an assault that will not be overlooked.

Murdaugh is being sued for $3.8 million by Nautilus. That is money that they claim should have gone to the Satterfields but did not because it was stolen. Last year, the Satterfield family got money from six people, not including Alex Murdaugh.

“They are completely wrong, both legally and factually.” We were able to collect $7.5 million from sources other than Nautilus insurance. “Nautilus has never paid the Satterfields a dime,” said Eric Bland, the Satterfields’ attorney.

According to WCIV, Bland claims Murdaugh is attempting to retain the $3.8 million.

In 2018, insurance companies examined Gloria’s death. They eventually came to an agreement on how much money should be handed to her estate. Murdaugh was interrogated, and he said that Gloria informed him the dogs were involved in the collapse.

Murdaugh is now claiming that is not true and that he is not responsible for her death, according to WCIV.

“More spin from him.” He doesn’t tell you where the $3.8 million went. “He never tells you how Gloria died,” Bland said.

A fresh inquiry into Gloria’s death or exhumation, according to Bland, will not assist her family get answers. He said that they knew how she died and that her injuries are clearly recorded.

Attorneys feel there is more to their case than meets the eye.

“So, technically, we never received $3.8 million from Nautilus.” You may argue that previous recoveries have made us whole, but Richter believes that the Satterfield claims are much more valuable.

WCIV reached out to Murdaugh’s attorney for a reaction but has not received a response.

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