$282,109 used in Moscow Idaho murders investigation

The Idaho Police has spent $282,109.35 the actual amount of cash utilized as of Feb 6 on the Idaho Murders Investigation

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The Idaho Police has spent $282,109.35 the actual amount of cash utilized as of Feb 6 on the Idaho Murders Investigation, which includes travel, overtime, lab testing, and evidence storage.

The murder of four University of Idaho students in November of 2022 was a big investigation that required many resources from police and other organizations to work together and with that, came $282,109.35 of expenses linked to Idaho students homicide case by Idaho State Police (ISP).

When Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle were stabbed to death at a residence off campus on November 13, 2022, Moscow Police, Idaho State Police, and the FBI launched the lengthy investigation. 

Based on DNA collected at the site, 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger, a Ph.D. student at Washington State University, was arrested.

According to ISP Communications Director Aaron Snell, the $282,109.35 in expenditures acquired through a public records request is the exact amount of cash utilized as of Feb. 6 – which includes travel, overtime, lab testing, evidence storage, and other miscellaneous police labour. ISP committed major resources to assisting Moscow Police, a smaller-scale police force.

Snell stated that the four murders inquiry “qualifies as a significant investigation” and that cases and costs of this scale are “uncommon occurrences” in contrast to other investigations, but he does not believe there is a defined standard to adequately evaluate them.

Idaho Governor Brad Little earmarked $1 million from the state’s emergency budget to assist police enforcement. When Little announced the funds, he stated that the expenditures will be evaluated by ISP with the assistance of other law enforcement organizations.

Snell stated that ISP is now paying for expenditures connected to the case out of miscellaneous earnings until payment from Little’s office is received.

According to Snell, ISP has not utilized all of Little’s authorized monies, but there will be “more expenditures as the inquiry progresses.”

The Moscow Police Department turned down a records request inquiring about their expenses in connection with the case. According to the municipal attorney in Moscow, information on how much the MPD has spent violates the non-distribution order in the case against Kohberger. 

A Latah County magistrate court imposed the “gag order” in January, prohibiting attorneys and law enforcement from communicating to the media or the public about the inquiry.

An FBI spokeswoman also stated that the agency could not reveal how much money it had spent aiding in Moscow.

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