Colorado teenager charged: Teen attempts to join ISIS

Colorado teenager charged with providing material support to ISIS, arrested before planned flight. Justice Department reveals disturbing details of online interactions and alleged intentions.

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According to the Justice Department, a Colorado teenager has been charged with providing material support to ISIS.

The FBI contacted Humzah Mashkoor when he was 16 years old, acting on a tip from a social networking firm, and a little under a year later, they detained him for allegedly attempting to board a flight in Denver to join ISIS, according to the Justice Department’s criminal complaint.

Undercover FBI agents began conversing with Mashkoor, who went by the social media handle “Humzah Afghan,” according to the complaint.

“Mashkoor frequently expressed support for ISIS,” according to the accusation. According to the department’s court petition, he once published recordings online of individuals being executed.

He allegedly informed the undercover officer that he was born in the United States, moved to Afghanistan, and then returned to the United States when his family was forced to leave.

“He expressed a desire to return to Afghanistan, where he has family in Nangarhar and other Taliban-controlled areas.” “Mashkoor stated that he previously supported the Taliban but began looking more into’ ‘the dawah’ after they ‘b0mbed the airport and took those Taliban and us soldiers and sent them to jahanam,'” according to the allegation.

Authorities say they interpreted his words as sympathy for ISIS following the attack of Kabul Airport in 2021.

“Are you ready?” he allegedly asked an undercover FBI agent about his impending return to Afghanistan. “Once we go, there’s no turning back… We leave everything behind… Our clan’s… Our residences… Our acquaintances… For Allah’s sake…. Life will be difficult; we will be strangers going from place to place… “Hated by the entire world.”

Mashkoor reportedly told undercover police in the autumn of 2022 that he would do anything ISIS commanded him to do.

“I am willing to do anything they want of me… I really want to fire a pistol as soon as possible… I have no training, but I used to experiment with weapons when I was younger. But that’s all,” Mashkoor is believed to have said.

In addition, he reportedly took the pledge to join ISIS in October 2022, according to the lawsuit.

According to the Justice Department, Mashkoor made remarks about traveling to join ISIS throughout 2023, up to his 18th birthday. He supposedly considered marrying someone who held similar values.

He intended to contribute “all of his money” to ISIS in cryptocurrencies before reaching the age of 18.

He was supposed to fly on December 11, but he postponed his trip until December 18, when he was detained.

ABC News was unable to identify a lawyer for Mashkoor right away, and no counsel was mentioned in the court record.

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