Attack On the Speaker of the United States Nancy Pelosi House

Early Morning an Introducer attacked the Speaker of the United States Of America Nancy Pelosi Spouse: Paul Pelosi.

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Yesterday Morning Assailant broke into the Speaker of the United State Of America Pelosi’s residence which is in San Francisco and he attract Nancy Pelosi’s Spouse Mr. Paul Pelosi with a hammer. Paul Pelosi is on the medical and expected to recover full his skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands

The accident is happening in Washington, DC and this is happening when Nancy Pelosi is not in their home. 

The FBI has come to the accident spot and sent PaulPelosis to the hospital and caught the attacker and take him into custody. Now the FBI is investigating “What was the Motive of the Attacker to attacker broke into the United States Speaker house and attack”.

FBI identified the suspect, the name is David DePape, who has a history of conspiracy theories that were sharing on every social media in the past years.

According to the Chief William Scott of the San Francisco Police Department, David DePape was arrested because he was a murderer, attempted homicide, elder abuse, weapon supplies, supplies drugs, and many other allegations.

Well, the investigation is on, and still, there were no updates from the FBI and the speaker’s family. If anything happened we will update you on our Twitter Handle @nepostofficial.

Mr. Pelosi was transported to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to recover fully. The speaker’s family is wishing Mr. Pelosi will be out of danger.

According to the White House news, U.S. President Joe Biden is “praying for Paul Pelosi and his wife Speaker Pelosi’s entire family.”

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