2 children found dead inside Duxbury Home: Duxbury News

A 32-year-old mother has murdered 2 children inside Duxbury Home, and he is in the custody.

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Duxbury News: The Plymouth County District Attorney said on Wednesday that a 32-year-old woman would be charged with murder in the deaths of her two children.

After being discovered inside the family’s Duxbury, Massachusetts, home on Tuesday night, two children, aged 5 and under, died and a 7-month-old kid was transported to a Boston area hospital with catastrophic injuries.

Lindsay Clancy, according to District Attorney Tim Cruz, is the mother. He stated that the youngsters looked to have been strangled.

“As soon as we are able, we will arraign her on the two murder counts in the deaths of her children,” Cruz stated. Cruz refused to tell where the children were discovered.

Cruz said Clancy was arrested Wednesday night on two charges of homicide and three counts each of strangling and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the deaths of 5-year-old Cora Clancy and 3-year-old Dawson Clancy.

The three youngsters were discovered comatose inside the residence with apparent evidence of trauma, according to the DA.

After receiving a 911 call from Clancy’s husband, first responders hurried to the residence at 47 Summer St. in Duxbury just after 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Cruz stated that the man reported Clancy’s attempted suicide by jumping out of a window at the residence.

Cruz stated that 7-month-old Wesley Clancy was being treated in a Boston hospital. There was no update on his condition.

Cruz stated that the chief medical examiner’s office will finally establish how and why the children died.

“This is an incredible, senseless event, and the inquiry is underway,” Cruz added.

Cruz stated that Clancy was treated at the scene before being transferred to a nearby hospital, where she stayed on Wednesday afternoon. There was no immediate update on her condition.

Authorities refused to comment on whether mental illness had a factor in the killings or whether there was a mental health background.

Clancy works at Massachusetts General Hospital, according to a spokesman.

“We are horrified and saddened to learn of this unimaginable loss,” commented a hospital representative. “We express our heartfelt condolences to everyone touched by these tragic occurrences.”

Two family members dropped by the house on Wednesday, carrying flowers and placing them at the end of the driveway. Both were overcome with emotion and in tears, expressing their inability to comprehend what had occurred.

“They were simply lovely, lovely children,” Donna Jesse remarked. “They had a wonderful existence. I can’t – I’m unable to digest it.”

Neighbors in the little village are shocked and worried about the family.

“It’s like, how can this happen around here? But it’s just — you put yourself in the man’s shoes, as you mentioned, and I can’t image how heartbreaking it is “Tom McGrath, a Duxbury resident, stated.

“This is a rare event,” said Duxbury police chief Michael Carbone.

“Duxbury police investigators are working constantly, as are state police detectives, and will continue for days, weeks, months, or whatever it takes to acquire answers,” Carbone added.

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