SZA released their second album SOS AFter a long time Ago

SZA released its second long-awaited album called SOS.

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SZA has launched her second album which is Called “SOS”. Since 2017 she hasn’t released the song. 

Phoebe Bridgers, Travis Scott, and a documentary clip by Ol’ Dirty Bastard are all featured on the R&B singer’s most recent album.

On “Ghost in the Machine,” Phoebe’s ethereal vocals appear, and Travis, who previously collaborated with SZA on the soulful ballad “Love Galore,” makes an appearance with a relaxed auto-tuned verse on the soulful ballad “Open Arms.”

The album’s final track, “Forgiveness,” features late Wu-Tang Clan member Russell Tyrone Jones, real name Russell Tyrone Jones.

Here are all the SZA’s ‘SOS’ tracklist in the ascending order

1. ‘SOS’

2. ‘Kill Bill’

3. ‘Seek and Destroy

4. ‘Low’

5. ‘Love Language’

6. ‘Blind’

7. ‘Used’ (feat. Don Toliver)

8. ‘Snooze’

9. ‘Notice Me’

10. ‘Gone Girl’

11. ‘Smoking on My Ex Pack’

12. ‘Ghost in the Machine’ (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

13. ‘F2F’

14. ‘Nobody Gets Me’

15. ‘Conceited’

16. ‘Special’

17. ‘Too Late

18. ‘Far’

19. ‘Shirt’

20. ‘Open Arms’ (feat. Travis Scott)

21. ‘I Hate U’

22. ‘Good Days’

23. ‘Forgiveness’ (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

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